Where am I?

You are at my website, welcome! I am Marios and this is my corner on the internet.

If you want a geographical region, I am not sure where my server is located, but since I am from Greece, imagine that you are in Greece.

I like writing, humor, technology, linux and photography so these are some of the types of posts you will find here. From time to time I try to be creative and mix some of these types together. I also enjoy other stuff, more plain, like food, beer and some physical activities (both the dirty and the not so dirty kind). Maybe I’ll write about them too.

I hope that you will find something here that interests you.

Quick start guide.

On the top bar you can see some options. I distinct my posts in four main categories:

  • writing: thoughts, humorus texts, stories etc
  • technology: articles about technology in general, computers, linux and open source, technical guides etc
  • photography and art: kind of a photoblog, though anything goes, from funny posts to recipes
  • files: things you can download to your device, like wallpapers
First on the top bar is the All articles link. This shows posts from all the above categories.
In the footer there are further options about how to contact me, learn more about me etc. Just check it out.

Photographs from some of my posts.

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