About me

Μy name is Marios Andreopoulos. As I am too lazy to have to update this page, instead of my age I’ll tell you that I was born in October, 1980.

I am Greek and I live in Greece. I am from Athens but I move between Athens and Chania, Crete due to university obligations.

I enjoy computers, fictional works of any type as long as they are interesting and possibly humorous, the general process -and joy- of creation and a little bit of photography. I would like to be able to say that I am an athletic guy but I do not like to lie.

Currently I am unemployed, yet in search for a dream.

If you wanna learn more for me, just have a look around the site and if you still have questions you can contact me from the contact page.

Marios Andreopoulos

A favorite photo of me, click it to enlarge.