(English) Gitlab 4.0 on a Gentoo server, ~amd64, hardened w/ Apache.

Αναρτήθηκε στις Δεκ 29, 2012 στις Επιλεγμένα Άρθρα, Linux και Ανοιχτό Λογισμικό, Τεχνολογία

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  1. gitlab 5.3 is on wiki.gentoo.org though i had problems updating the init script you’d written to launch puma rather than unicorn….

    (it doesnt matter to me, as i passenger through apache) 5.3 works well for me in testing. please update your scripts and update the wiki. i did most of the lifting. thanks for your writeup.


  2. Hi, I am sorry it took me so long to reply.

    I just upgraded myself to 5.3.

    The new init script, which is valid for both Gitlab 5.2 and 5.3 is here:

    I created an account at the wiki and updated the gist link. We can include the code instead of the link if you prefer (no attribution needed :). Whatever you choose, I will try to keep at least this section up to date.
    It is a difficult article to maintain. When I wrote this post, there wasn’t gitlab-shell, there wasn’t puma, sideqik, etc and I passed through all these changes by upgrading of course instead of doing clean installs. :/

    Thanks for your work. I’ll place a link at the head of this post.

  3. no problem, i’ve been off partying for the last 9 days anyways. i’ve been building against fresh installs, and (primarily) virtual machines. aqemu stage 4, copy paste, and bam fresh system ready for me to destroy.

    i did the apache / passenger route, was trying nginx + passenger but it requires shotty non portage scripts to recompile nginx with passenger enabled. i probably shouldn’t of touched the wiki as its the ONLY route that i got to work. only reason i updated that was because of all the features dropped in.

    (& mysql so future lookers know whats working, tested, and verified working)

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