wordpress, atahualpa, xLanguage and widget titles translation

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Αυτή η καταχώρηση είναι διαθέσιμη μόνο στα English.


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  1. I have same problem.
    thanks for this article.

  2. hi Marios,

    i’m also using atahualpa as a theme and just installed the plugin xLanguage, but the span element doesn’t seem to work: a “test” page with the 2 languages (spans included all over) shows both.. what am i doing wrong?

    And a second problem i’d like to fix: the homepage of the site (i’m not using wordpress as a ‘real’ blog) is a certain static page. Since xLanguage is installed, the home-button in the page menu bar as well as the language button on the homepage refers to the most recent post.. and that’s not what i want in this case! How can i change that?

    i’m hoping soooo much that you can help me out..
    thanks already!

  3. Hello! I am not sure if I can help since xLanguage worked out of the box for me (except the widget titles) but I will try.

    Since you refer to spans I take it you checked the HTML version of your posts in the editor to check for the code xLanguage added. Any text (or content) not in a language span will be displayed for all available languages.

    Other things that could go wrong is if in the options page of the plugin you changed the composing settings (ie you set the parser to use square bracket and the toolbar XHTML) or you deleted some hooks.

    I can’t think of anything else.

    As for the second problem I don’t think that it is xLanguage’s fault. It isn’t logical for xLanguage to change your links. Could it be a problem with permalinks (you have to setup xLanguage accordingly in the options page)?

    As you see I use a different theme now and with both Atahualpa and the current one I never experienced such problems.

  4. How do you have that permalink with xlanguage? you have thedomain.com/en and my problem is that xlanguage make me: thedomain.com/lang/en

  5. I switched to qTranslate a couple months ago.
    The main reasons were that xLanguage seemed dead as a project (or with very slow progress) and the editor was far from consistent from me.

    I liked xLanguage because I could fairly easy translate my theme and plugins by editing their source code. Of course this was a major mistake, since I couldn’t upgrade them that easily.

    So for now, I suggest qTranslate. It didn’t need any source code editing for my current site layout.

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