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Fujitsu Amilo Pi 3560 review from a Linux user

Posted on Nov 14, 2009

Fujitsu Amilo Pi 3560 review from a Linux user

This week I bought a new laptop although my old one has still plenty of life in it thanks to Intel. Their graphics drivers suffer for over a year now and for the last months it became just impossible to work with. I appreciate the work of their developers, writing open source graphics’ drivers and leading in general graphics’ drivers, xorg server and linux kernel to a better setup (in-kernel drivers, kms, gem). But the thing is that while they are doing this their drivers are a pain to use. My old laptop, with an Intel T7300 CPU (2GHz, 2 cores, 4MB cache), 2GB of RAM and Intel X3100 can not even run properly firefox, konqueror, openoffice or eclipse. I...

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