New theme, new 404 page, new server and zero ads!

Posted on Feb 20, 2010 in All Articles, Technology, Writing

Quite some changes happened at the website in the last few hours and I want to write some lines about it.


new theme

As you can see I installed a new theme. I have fallen in love with it from the first moment I saw it. It is simple and elegant, perfect for a personal site. It may be a bit disorienting  that the first post you see on the home page isn’t the most recent post in general but the most recent post in the featured articles category, but I prefer it that way.

This change wasn’t easy though. I had to make the theme xLanguage (multilingual) compatible, to fix an issue with international characters, to add some rss icons (borrowed from Atahualpa) and make some adjustments in the css file. So, although I know nothing of php, css and xhtml, I managed somehow to tamper with code in all these languages and make the theme work better than the original. Also I had to find new plug-ins, translate and adjust them too to my needs. Last I had to create two new logos (one English and one Greek), a favicon, seriously reorganize my categories and add thumbnails to my posts.

The good thing is that I love the result and that is what matters.

original appearance of after the first facelift

new 404 page

This was a sudden inspiration. I tried to make a photograph that had some “contrast” and when I saw the result 404 came to my mind. Check it here:

new server

Same hosting company, new server. The old one had some lag so they transfered me to a new one. I haven’t decided upon it’s speed yet. In the noon it was really fast, like a local install. In the night… oh my god, it was like the site was served from the ENIAC (first computer ever made) through a 14.4kbps modem on an analog line distant call! It seems though that the problem isn’t from the web host but from OTE, my internet provider as I just tried to connect through  my university (by vpn) and the site appears very fast. OTE is by far the most expensive internet provider in Greece so they better fix it soon.

zero ads

Two weeks ago I introduced some ads. I hate ads but I thought that if they can compensate for the web site’s costs it would be nice. This site costs about 110€ a year (hosting, domain name, theme). Thankfully the ads didn’t got me even one cent in two weeks so I removed them without hesitation. I am not going to sell my self for a few cents, I am way more expensive google! :p

That’s all folks! If you find a bug or a usability issue on the new site just let me know!


  1. Congrats on your new site! I did like the old theme, but your new one is a bit better I suppose. Nice work.

    Regarding the 404 page. It tries to load an image and it fails. Its location points to, so you should probably fix where it points to.

    IMHO, 110€/year is way too much for a personal site. For this amount of money, I would host my site for 4-5 years (as I do now). If you need more info about this, ping me.

  2. Aha, an error on the error page! Can’t be a coincidence! :p
    I developed the site on a local install and forgot to change it when I uploaded the theme.

    Thanks for noticing it because I wouldn’t have otherwise since the local install is running too and thus the page looked ok to me.

    About the site’s costs I wasn’t totally accurate. It is indeed about 110€ per year and 90€ of these go to the hosting company but I get good services, email and I can host more than one domains (which I do actually). It is just that this domain is the primary one, if I hadn’t this I wouldn’t care about the rest. The price is decent for what I get. There are cheaper packages around but most of them also offer less.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. The new look is very good – I think better than the previous one – but, as Vasilis said, 110E/year for a website, is a BIG cost, without reason.


  4. OK, I never got a notification about your reply Marios… Hmmm… However, I got the one for Kostis’s reply.

    The provider where I host my site (plus one more but with very very little traffic) runs a cluster of FreeBSD hosts, gives you ssh access (jailed I guess), complete DNS records management, a very simple (custom solution) but does-your-job-nicely cpanel, but no e-mail. For e-mail, I use Google (Google Apps for Domains, all you have to do is change your DNS MX records), and I think that’s probably the best I can do in terms of e-mail availability. For low-medium traffic sites, it’s a very cheap solution and you can also buy bandwidth buckets that save you more money for larger traffic sites. Anyway, it’s ( Take a look just in case.

  5. Actually I think your host is pretty expensive. For my current setup and traffic their cost is about the same as my host and they do not provide email hosting in that price!

    Considering that both my traffic and site size are in rise, I’d end up to pay more than what I currently pay. If I was to reach my current hosting plan to it’s limits I’d have to pay thousands of dollars in your company per year for the same service, again, without email hosting.

    I guess they are good for small sites but if you want to use it for a bit of file hosting or for a larger site they can get very expensive.

    I know people who give 110€ per month just for cigarettes. Everything is a matter of personal priorities. ;)

    Τέλος, μπορούμε να μιλάμε και να γράφουμε Ελληνικά! Η σελίδα είναι πλήρως Ελληνοποιημένη! :p

  6. Ας το γυρίσουμε και στα ελληνικά λίγο.

    Νομίζω ότι είσαι λίγο υπερβολικός. Τόση κίνηση έχεις στα site που υπερβαίνουν τα 110€/χρόνο με βάση τις τιμές του…;; Αν ναι, τελικά πάω πάσο. :-) Όσον αφορά το e-mail, προτιμώ τη λύση που έχω εγώ τώρα (Google), παρά τη λύση του κάθε provider, για λόγους διαθεσιμότητας κυρίως.


  7. nice work mate… and the mobile version is good too. keep up the good work… :D

  8. about the hosting company, i think that 100×12=1200 EUR is a pretty expensive cost for the alternative of a VPS / dedicated.

    for example @ you can have a full-featured dedicated machine for only 50 EUR p/month. with a setup fee of 150 EUR.

    It’s the best deal for me, except if you don’t want to have a dedi machine and you just want a ready-made solution.

    Have fun!

  9. I am not sure where you got these prices.
    My hosting company ( offers dedicated machines from 33 EUR p/month with a setup fee of 20 EUR. So to me seems pretty expensive.

    Anyway, I don’t need a dedicated machine or a vps. Thanks though for the suggestion.

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