Fraud Art: The void towards knowledge in the dusk of the industrial era

Posted on Nov 21, 2009 in All Articles, Featured Articles, Fraud Art, Humorous, Photography & Art

Today I am proud to introduce you to the Fraud Art (F.Art™) series, an effort to make you art (un)aware. It involves uninteresting pictures and baroque titles.

The first Fraud Art masterpiece I will bless you with is The void towards knowledge in the dusk of the industrial era, illustrated bellow:

Of course, since I understand that most of you don’t have even a remote relation to art, I will try to explain it to you with simple words. The dusk is pretty literally expressed as you can probably see. The industrial era is represented by the power lines and transformers. Now, many will argue that the industrial era has ended and we currently live in the information era. I consider this to be partly the truth since the 3rd world is still far from the information era but anyway, place my work at the industrial era’s end in your own time line. The human made structures you may noticed at the horizon is the Technical University of Crete, a University dedicated to transform simple people to engineers, thus a proper outline for knowledge. Last is the void. It is evident that the distance between the artist’s lens and the knowledge is empty, there aren’t any obstacles but there aren’t any roads as well.

PS. I do not know when the next F.Art™ masterpiece will surface. Inspiration is in shortage nowadays.


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