Opening Act

Posted on Oct 1, 2009 in All Articles, Featured Articles, Thoughts, Writing

Today is a special day since I managed to start officially a “project” I wanted a lot but neglected flamboyantly for a long time: the creation of a decent personal web page. Sure, “decent” is subjective but objectively the present page is much better than my previous attempts.

Before I proceed any further I would like to apologize in advance for any errors I have in my text. English isn’t my native language and thus, despite my efforts, mistakes are unavoidable.

Besides the indolence which almost always comes with a good idea that is difficult to implement and requires a long term engagement with your free time, in this project an important role for the delay had the innumerable options somebody stumbles upon when he decides to create a new web page: the form you want it to have, the content you plan to put in it or even the software you will use.

The result I came with is a hybrid web page – blog implemented with wordpress. If you asked last year my opinion about blogs you wouldn’t get a very polite answer. In general I didn’t -and still don’t- like blogs much but after an exhaustive search on content management systems (CMS) and hearing a lot of opinions and wandering a lot around personal sites I liked I led to this setup.

My intention for the site’s content is to cover various thematic sections, mainly:
- technical subjects, probably Linux related
- personal opinions and commentary on various subjects
- small “literary” works of mine
- photographic collections
- some journal entries, maybe some articles from an “independent correspondent”

I do not intend to write often as I am not interested to acquire the title of the popular blogger of the day. I write either because I feel the need to express myself and my feelings or either because I want to offer -as others have offered to me- knowledge. Thus I will write here whenever I feel like or I have something to say and offer. I do not want to tire anyone with my online gabble.

The site’s title, web performance, deserves a paragraph of its own. Initially, as this is a personal site, the plan was for a title such as And.Marios web home or And.Marios web presence. However to have andmarios in the address bar and then a couple centimeters below in the title seemed a bit redundant. When I stumbled upon the wordpress title field I wrote without much thought “web performance”, inspired from the term street performance; street artists perform in public view, indefferent by how passers by perceive their art or performance, unaffected by the size of the crowd, without expectations from the spectators. It’s a beautiful form of expression. In the end I liked the title so much that I decided to keep it and translated it in Greek for the Greek part of the site.

The decision for a bilingual site was a tough one. Most technical stuff should be in English since the vast majority of people interested in them speaks English but doesn’t speak Greek. For the more “literary” content I don’t have the faculty to translate it adequately in English. Also even the language itself is a form of expression thus sometimes making translations inferior to originals. I have studied English, however from the point where you can read, hear and talk back a little to the point where one can translate “literary” work to English is a bit of a distance, maybe even a river in-between. Furthermore there isn’t a robust technology for multilingual sites. Someone has to turn to third party plugins for such basic functionality making maintenance and upgrades a major source of nightmares. Anyway, I felt pretty brave at the time so I crossed my fingers and decided to keep a bilingual website. I will not translate every entry but I will try to have at least a brief outline for the untranslated ones.

I believe that by now enough fatigue should have built upon your brains, trying to interpret my honest efforts in English writing.

Thank you for being here,
I hope I will see you again,
Marios Andreopoulos.

P.S. Usually the opening act in an event isn’t performed by the main performer but I hope you will excuse me as this is a rather special occasion.


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